By Riaan Reay | December 18, 2019

MedXpress from Discovery

When you hear the term MedXpress, it refers to three concepts. 

One MedXpress is only for Discovery members on certain options (for 2020 all options besides the executive and comprehensive options). 

Two, MedXpress refers to a formulary list of medicines.  This formulary list of medicines is normally generic medicines with a lower cost to client. 

Three, there is a penalty 20% fee applicable to your medicines from any other pharmacy.  Please note that the remark at concept three is consumer programming (social programming) to create a thought that your local pharmacy is 20% more expensive.  This is a huge misconception that causes confusion

When you view the MedXpress brochure from Discovery you will notice clearly that they mention you can collect your medicines at Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies.  This however is not true.  Any pharmacy on the Discovery network (which should be all pharmacies seeing that Discovery is the biggest medical aid in South Africa) should be able to get this status.  

The catch is the following: any pharmacy that has the MedXpress status should substitute more than 51% of chronic medicines to the Discovery approved formulary.  Easy!  Not a chance.  This is extremely difficult to achieve. 

There are ways to go about to get this MedXpress status.  One should support your local pharmacy and let them assist you to substitute your chronic medicine with MedXpress formulary drugs (yes there is a list).  Thereby you can ensure that the smaller pharmacies around the corner also enjoy support and ensure that the community gets the advice from a passionate pharmacist where individual care is their top priority.  I know for a fact that the local choice pharmacies as a group also have MedXpress status, however they cannot advertise it.      

Enjoy your festive season, travel safe and enjoy the journeys that life has in store for you.