Riaan Reay

About Riaan Reay

B.Pharm, M.Sc. Pharmacology

Hi, my name is Riaan.  I am a pharmacist that has completed my studies in 2007.  I have many interests in the field of pharmacy, but most of all pharmacology.  I have also had the greatest opportunities in post-graduate studies in which I ventured deeper into neuropharmacology and pharmacogenetics.  I have also lectured cancer and immunopharmacology at University for three years and had the opportunity to do external examination evaluation.  Besides being interested in pharmacy, I adore my wife and daughter.  I must also be one of the biggest daydreamers and pursuers of internal happiness by choosing life every day.  Come on the journey to discovering why my field of studies, pharmacy, is more rewarding than just retail as we all have come to know pharmacy.  In my blog you will read from serious topics on healthcare, medicines and diseases summarized for all to understand and lighter topics as how pharmacists act in their day to day lives, and how patients influence us when we (real pharmacists) reach out to them.


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